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  • UGX Mods was created November 2010 by Co-Founders Andy 'treminaor' King and Jack 'WING3D' Dolley.
  • June 2011, the first project of UGX, UGX Cabin was released. One of the first maps with objectives and difficutly setting.
  • December 2011, the first version of the UGX Mod with the Map UGX Christmas was well recieved by the community.
  • October 2012, map UGX Comosea was released with the UGX Mod.
  • January 2013, the standalone release of the UGX Mod v1.0.3 for other maps created by the community.
    The UGX Mod was #74 in the "Mod of the Year" 2013 contest on ModDB.
  • Currently, the development of the UGX Mod Version 1.1 and the UGX Launcher with all its additions.

Our vision

We want to deliver the Ultimate Gaming Experience to everyone!
Besides producing high quality content,
we ensure that the community can also create this amount of quality by delivering tools tutorials and help.
We try to constantly improve ourself and listen carefully to feedback from our community.

What makes us special?

  • Over 5 years experience in Modding
  • Large & active community with lot's of User Generated Content
  • High Quality Maps created by UGX and by the awesome community
  • Time saving tools, wiki and forum for modding
  • Map Download Utility, UGX Map Manager and soon UGX Launcher

UGX-Mods - Staff

UGX-Mods Team

2x UGX Administrator
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[UGX] Founder
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[UGX] Server Admin & Programmer
3x UGX Team Member
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[UGX] Social Networking & Q.A.
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[UGX] Documentation Writer & Programmer
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[UGX] Developer

UGX-Mods Moderators

4x UGX Site Moderator
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UGX Site Moderator
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The Voice in your Eyes
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UGX Site Moderator
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4x UGX Chat Moderator
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UGX Chat Moderator
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UGX Chat Moderator
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UGX Chat Moderator
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UGX Chat Moderator


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For all media-inquiries, please contact us via: [email protected]
For all business-inquiries, use [email protected]
For everything else (general-inqueires), use [email protected]
An customer account will be created for your e-mail address in your customer portal
We respond within the next 48h.

Community Manager:
Bryan Adams, Community Manager
E-Mail: [email protected]


Alexander Diller, Programmer & Server Admin
E-Mail: [email protected]


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